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Important Adaptations to School Events


Monday 16th March 2020


Dear parents and carers,




I want to reassure you that the health of Guildford Grove children, their families and our whole staff is of paramount importance. We are now firmly in the Stage 3 (delay/mitigation) of our COVID-19 (coronavirus) plan and we now need to take further steps to try mitigate the impact of this virus.

 We have been impressed by how positive and trusting you, as parents and carers, have been about the steps we have taken so far and so I feel sure that you know the steps I am outlining below are only done in the best interests of our whole school community. Your cooperation is very much appreciated as it makes dealing with a difficult situation so much easier. 

Please read these items below carefully

 ASSEMBLIES – There will be NO assemblies as of Monday 16th March 2020. This includes, whole school assemblies, class assemblies attended by parents/carers and Key Stage assemblies. Children will have their assemblies in their classes. We will continue to celebrate the Attendance Trophy on Twitter.

 LUNCH HALL – I am instructing the lunch sittings to be much more spread out and to only have one year group at a time in the hall so that there will be far fewer children in the hall and on the playground at any time. Lunchtime staff are instructed to give tables and surfaces a thorough wipe with antibacterial/disinfectant spray between sittings as well as use their own strict hygiene measures.

 YEAR 3 SWIMMING – This has been cancelled for the remainder of this term in the first instance. Year 3 parents will have received separate notification of this.

 PERFORMANCES – EASTER AND Guilford Grove’s Got Talent. These are cancelled although we will find a way for the children to do a mini performance without an audience so that we can record it and put it on the website. Issues surrounding parental permission for this will be taken up directly with families who do not want children to go on the website.

 GLIVE Wed 25th March 2020 – Awaiting confirmation about this but this is highly likely to be cancelled.

 PARENTS’ CONSULTATIONS on Tues 17 March and Wed 18 March – These are CANCELLED. This is because we need to try to minimise social contact for teachers so that we can try to keep them well in order to continue to provide an education for your children.



This is because I have instructed the teachers to write mini-reports on each child and then send them out to you on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March instead of meeting face-to-face



 Once again, everyone at Guildford Grove thanks you for your support and cooperation. The children have been fantastic about their own hygiene and are, as always, a pleasure to be amongst.

 Please be aware that King’s College and Guildford Grove are geographically very close but different situations can arise in either school. Please be reassured that we are in good two-way contact and will always do what is right for our respective schools.

 If you are worried about your own health or that of the children then please look at the 111 website and follow any advice that you find there. You can contact us via Studybugs or by phone or text if you need to inform us of anything significant to do with the health of your child(ren) or your own health.

 Yours faithfully,

 Lucy Ryder

Acting Headteacher