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Home Learning


Dear parents and carers,

 Home learning – don’t panic!

 Everyone at Guildford Grove hopes that you and your families are all right through these really tough and stressful times.  We know that shopping, financial issues, living arrangements and home learning all play a part in adding to the stress levels at home.

 We all wanted to drop you a letter just to say that we appreciate everything you are doing to support your children’s learning at home.  We do, however, have very realistic expectations of this and we know (often through personal experience of our own children!) that many children do NOT want to sit down at home and do school work.  For them, home is home and not a classroom.

 Please be reassured that the work we are setting is just covering the aspects that have already been taught at school.  It will rarely introduce new concepts because we know only too well that a qualified teacher and support from a teaching assistant is needed to do this.  Therefore, you must not worry if your child refuses to engage in these tasks. 

 It is our job as educationalists to get your children back on track once they return to regular schooling.  The tasks we set might occupy them and they may even enjoy them!  It is, however, harder to get them back on track if they become very anti-learning so we just need you to help the children to:

Stay positive
Stay cheerful
Enjoy any task that you can get them to do
Try to keep to normal routines i.e. regular bedtimes and getting up at a regular time and
Get a daily session of exercise as covered by Government guidelines

 If you look after their mental health, we will be better placed to work on their academic progress when we see them at school.

 Many parents have spoken to us about children baking cakes, doing cleaning tasks, role play and playing board games that maybe haven’t been touched in years and parents have noticed how these types of tasks are educational in their own right.  There are also fantastic educational programmes to watch such as those on BBC Bitesize These are all really good ways to do a bit of learning where children don’t feel like it’s being forced on them. 

 Please do not cause yourself more stress at this time but do try to do the things listed above.

Kind regards,

 Lucy Ryder

Acting headteacher