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Cycling to School


Guildford Grove Primary

School Cycling Policy


Cycling to and from school has many positive benefits.


  • Improving health through physical activity.
  • Establishing positive active travel behaviour.
  • Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.
  • Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
  • Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school.


Although we are happy for children to travel to school on bikes, children who have not undertaken Level 2 Bikeability training and who still wish to cycle to school, should travel to and from school accompanied by their parents.


Pupils must:


  • ride to school sensibly and safely following the Highway Code;
  • wear a cycle helmet to and from school;
  • take responsibility, together with their parents, for checking that their bicycle is roadworthy and regularly maintained;
  • consider the needs of others when cycling;
  • ensure they can be seen by other road users by using bicycle lights and wearing high-visibility clothing as appropriate;
  • dismount their cycles upon entering the school site and walk their bicycles to the cycle rack;
  • ensure their bikes are put in the bike shed before 8.30;
  • make sure that their bike and helmet are securely locked with a lock brought from home.


Parents must:


  • understand that it is their responsibility to ensure their child is safe when cycling to school;
  • ensure their child wears suitable safety equipment for cycling to school e.g. helmet and high visibility clothing;
  • ensure their child’s bike is roadworthy by inspecting the bike regularly;
  • ensure any accident or incident related to their child cycling to school is reported to the school office;


If these rules are not adhered to, the pupil will no longer be allowed to use the school bike shed.


Although the school provides appropriate cycle storage, all bicycles and helmets are brought to and stored on school grounds at the owner’s risk. The school’s insurance does not cover the loss and damage to bicycles or helmets.